Large companies that are making cameras made many truly great models in a past few years. However, non of them ever tried to make completely new and unique technology of making the photo. Start-up Lytro did exactly that! They did it with their new camera, the first one that is based on light technology. This gadget can be your for the price of 399 dollars. It can easily fit your pocket. This technology is based on catching all the light rays in the scene. This way you are making the “lie photgraphy”. After that you can make changes like on any other traditional photography, and of course you can share it with your friends.

NEST thermostat

It’s maybe hard to imagine that one thermostat is on this list but it is. We are talking about great thermostat NEST. This great gadget can be your for the price of 249 dollars. Former employees in Apple gathered their strengths and they develop this great product. When you look design it looks like something that could come from Apple. NEST has a stainless steel rounded construction with the touch screen and nice looking elegant software. It’s a great gadget because it can save you both energy and money, after some time of use it will pay of it self. NEST use movement sensors to determine are you at home in that moment o it can adjust the temperature.


If the TiVo was created in the period of web video industry, it will probably look something like Simple TV. This is a small, smart DVR, it is supported by the Kickstarter. It allows you to play HD programs from your provider or from your computer or any other device. This is the perfect gadget, it runs smoothly as long as you have stable internet connection. If you want to buy Simple TV you will have to pay the price of 199 dollars. Beside the gadget you should probably have to buy more extra memory for your recorded material. Of course you can use USB.


2For the past 37 years Microsoft was creating software for many different companies and products. With this Surface Tablet they finally created the product that is 100% their. You can have it for the price around 500 dollars. This is probably one of the most ambitious project in the past year. Actually Microsoft took a huge risk with this product because market is already flooded with tablets from other manufactures such as Apple and many other tablets that use Android platform. Microsoft Surface Tablet looks great, very nice, modern and clean design. It has a thin box made from magnesium and extra holder. Of course you can use it like a touch screen, but you can also buy supper thin keyboard made specially for this product. If you are buying keyboard together with the tablet you will have to pay 600 dollars, but if you are buying keyboard separately you will pay 120 dollars.